About Us


myAsset Pte Ltd was founded to provide comprehensive fixed asset management solutions & services with the use of the latest technologies, helping organisations to track their assets, reduce their Total Cost of Ownership as well as to achieve business excellence. Capitalising on expertise and vertical knowledge with our sister companies, MyAsset Pte Ltd has evolved to tailor turn-key solutions for all your tracking needs in the Singapore and Malaysia region.

Core Values

At myAsset, our success is dictated by our guiding principals. These core values provide a framework for consistent, quantifiable results and productive, long-lasting working partnerships with our clients.

Customer Focus

We strive to provide solutions to meet all specific customer needs. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and create an atmosphere of creative collaboration. myAsset adds a decidedly human touch to the calculus of fixed asset management services and our friendly rapport with our clients is just one of the many intangibles that set us apart as a company.


We are an employee-centered company that thrives on teamwork. Our people are our most valuable asset because they believe in the values of excellence in innovation and service. We encourage maximum participation and teamwork to meet both customer and organisational goals. Our employees hold themselves individually to a code of excellence which acts as a force multiplier and propels the company forward when they work as a team towards common goals.


We strictly adhere to all business ethics and applicable trade law. We are committed to deliver all of what we have promised to our customer and in a transparent and collaborative way. Not short cuts, no fuzzy numbers, just satisfied customers who form long term working relationships with us. We believe that the way that we do business is as important as the business itself.


Doing the thing right the first time is important to us. We have equipped ourselves with the necessary tools and skills to perform the task that you need us to do. The quality of our work is our pride, and we are proud of the consistent and superior results that we provide our clients. Don’t settle for less, come see what quality in today’s asset management looks like!


At myAsset, our vision is to lead the global fixed asset management market in consistent, effective and tech-driven asset management.


To provide comprehensive Assets Management Solutions through strong product innovation, passion and excellent customer service.