Bespoke Enterprise Asset Management

Tailoring custom turn-key web solutions for all your tracking needs

Asset Management System

At myAsset, we recognised the problems faced by organisations with multiple sites spread across the country. myAsset’s Enterprise Asset Management System is specially developed to harness the power of cloud-computing technologies to provide asset management for organisations that need to manage a network of sites.

myAsset’s Enterprise Asset Management System is a web-based application, built on a Microsoft SQL database to provide high volume, multi-sites application. Companies no longer have to be constrained by connectivity issues at their Local Area Network (LAN). In fact, an organisation can make use of this web-based asset management application to maintain a central database, while allowing access to users from any remote site.

myAsset’s Enterprise Asset Management System allows the creation of multiple centres or business units. This allows individual centres or business units to manage their own assets, while under the umbrella of the central command. Users can only access assets under their own centres or business units. Organisations will be glad to know that while individual centres or business units still hold responsibility for their assets, the main office still owns a 360° panorama from the hub of operations control.

Individual centres or business units can also make use of the PDA with barcode scanning technology to effectively inventory or audit checks. myAsset’s Enterprise Asset Management prints high-quality labels to uniquely identify the assets. On-site verification and transfer of assets have never been easier! Emails can also be sent to alert and inform stakeholders whenever there are any transfers of assets. This is especially important when assets are transferred from one remote site to another. The instant exchange of information and clarity with which our software operates is a hallmark of good design.



Get inventory value across multiple locations and transfer items between inventory sites.

User Controls

Allow or restrict your users’ access to information and activities without intentional misuse.

Audit Trial

Records and logs down activities that are being entered, edited or deleted from the system.

Asset Data at a Glance

Business asset snapshot from a single screen with data presented in the way you want it.

Comprehensive Reports

View asset information at-a-glance in convenient reports that you can print.

Predefined Asset Records

Includes over 200 predefined asset records to help set up new asset records quickly.

Default Classes

Save time and improve accuracy by assigning default classes to assets.

Barcodes Label

Generates barcode labels automatically, giving individual asset a unique identification.

Advanced Reports

Create comprehensive reports for nearly every industry.


Repair & Maintenance

Track the inventory of your equipment when they are due for repair, servicing or maintenance


An automated loan management system that empowers your operation with improved accuracy

Mobile Tracking

Easily scan the barcoded Asset ID using Mobile devices with an integrated barcode scanner


Generates powerful reports that show all the cost, accumulated depreciation value and remaining net book value