Bespoke Enterprise Asset Management

Tailoring custom turn-key web solutions for all your tracking needs

Retail Management System

myASSET Inventory Management System provides simple-to-use software that requires minimal training for you and your staff.

myASSET Inventory Management System can support a wide variety of restaurants, including coffee shops, take-out and delivery, buffet, fast food, fine dining, bars and country clubs. All full systems arrive with a touchscreen PC, cash drawer, card reader and receipt printer.

myASSET Inventory Management System is compatible with accounting software, saving you time and money. Point of sale transaction can be merged with your accounting software to reduce double-work; saving you time and money while all giving you extra time to focus on other things to grow your business.

myAsset will help you set up your menu and inventory database as an after-purchase service. You can also arrange training to help you and your employees to learn how to use the software.


Every retailer is different. myASSET Inventory Management System is adaptable to a variety of retail segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual retail requirements.

Retail Beyond the Register

myASSET Inventory Management System is the answer for any size store or enterprise from a small retail chain to a nation-wide multi-channel retailer.


  • Easy-to-use dynamic interface
  • Real-time enterprise visibility
  • Quick checkout
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Pricing and selling rules
  • CRM and loyalty programs
  • Reduce shrinkage and prevent fraud
  • Returns and refunds tracking
  • Employee management
  • Wide range of reports

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