Bespoke Enterprise Asset Management

Tailoring custom turn-key web solutions for all your tracking needs

Loan Module

The Loan Module is specially developed to harness the powers of internet technology to provide Loan Management for a single and multi-site organisation. The module integrates with the core myAsset Enterprise Asset Management System to provide a reliable platform to track assets that need to be loaned out and eventually returned, such as books, files, tools or even IT equipment.

The Loan Module for myAsset Enterprise Asset Management System is a very user-friendly, automated loan management system that empowers your organisation’s operation with improved accuracy and greater asset visibility. Users can do the loan in or out of items using the barcode scanners. Corded scanners can also be used for over-the-counter operation while a portable data collector can be used for mobile transactions involving larger items.

Users can easily see the history transactions, do management reporting, reserve items, pay fines for overdue items, all in a web-based system that eliminates paperwork and improve efficiency.



Get inventory value across multiple locations and transfer items between inventory sites.

User Controls

Allow or restrict your users’ access to information and activities without intentional misuse.

Audit Trial

Records and logs down activities that are being entered, edited or deleted from the system.

Comprehensive Reports

View asset information at-a-glance in convenient reports that you can print.

Predefined Asset Status

Includes predefined asset status to help set up new asset status quickly.

Asset Status at a Glance

Business asset status snapshot from a single screen with data presented in the way you want it.


Repair & Maintenance

Track the inventory of your equipment when they are due for repair, servicing or maintenance


An automated loan management system that empowers your operation with improved accuracy

Mobile Tracking

Easily scan the barcoded Asset ID using Mobile devices with an integrated barcode scanner


Generates powerful reports that show all the cost, accumulated depreciation value and remaining net book value