Making Each Little Detail Perfect

A comprehensive asset management system that monitors a company's physical assets across the entire organisation


Planning & Consultation

Asset tracking process in the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of all the assets

Pre/Post Implementation

Database migration, barcode label tagging and counterchecking them with the asset lists

Training & Maintenance

Training sessions to familiarise new users to extensive features and software updates

Fixed Asset Audit

Periodic stock-taking and audits, reports and reconcile all the physical assets

At myAsset, we offer premier asset auditing, management, and post-consultation planning in a manner that is approachable, relatable, and reasonable. Our mission is to make your short and long term goals clear to you and your entire organisation in a way that illuminates the next steps while unveiling hidden or overlooked resources within your current asset pool.

This is done by introducing and implementing myAsset top tier Asset Management Software; singular in its efficacy and capability of access even from remote sites. In short, we show you what you might have missed, illustrate how to not miss it in the future, and use our expertise to describe new and fuller ways in which to use these same resources.

It begins with planning and ends with holdover information (such as reports and recommendations) that is actionable long after the central portion of auditing has occurred. It also means that we invest in your understanding of myAsset and how taking a panoramic view of your various operational sites can be critical to your day-to-day success.

Centralising data plays a large role in “the Enterprise difference”. We know that not every business has the reach, structure, software, or space to keep a full, panoramic of their assets. As a team dedicated to just that; our point people can use the tested and proven protocols of myAsset Asset Management Software to ensure just that: a spectral view of your assets as you and we understand them and based on a working knowledge of your long and short term goals.

What does this look like in real time? On-site asset verifications, a sophisticated and high-tech tagging system. Inventory like you’ve never experienced it. Software that compiles, marks and prioritises items. A ground team keeping you and your workspace feeling confident and secure every step of the way. And of course; the central nervous system that is Enterprise Headquarter.

We use the department structures that already help your company run smoothly and provide you with tiered user access to allow the right people access to the right components of your overall asset management structure. With more control in your hands; we are able to then take the reins ourselves, always with the goal of a deeper understanding of your own assets; including assets that you may have missed or discounted when they can actually be of great value.

Post-audit management is important. At enterprise, we value “tableside manner” and believe that making a genuine professional connection is most conducive to a lasting structure for asset auditing, regulation, use, and continued management.