Making Each Little Detail Perfect

A comprehensive asset management system that monitors a company's physical assets across the entire organisation

Training and Maintenance


Our protocol for beginning assessments is based on a proven initial setup process that includes direct training. MyAsset Asset Management Software is an intuitive and inviting program, but we nonetheless work side-by-side with clients during a training period designed to ensure that the maximum benefits are accessed in the shortest possible time. Proper training means that we ground and assist our clients; clearing up any ambiguity in the process and laying the groundwork for the further development of this and any other project.


Our maintenance package covers free software updates throughout the year, as well as notification of the latest developments and innovative products. We provide full telephone, email, fax and on-site support. Working both on mobile and directly; we make ourselves available so that clients have a consistent, dependable resource. Our maintenance team are trained and offer expertise designed to both inspire more conversation and clear up questions that may arise during that time.

During training and maintenance, our full support is our goal for you; and myAsset is always ready to take things to step one and ensure proper alignment before making the next move. Trust is built on patterns of proven behaviour. Let myAsset be your one-stop resource from the first handshake to the final signature. We’ll keep things clear, consistent, and quantifiable: you’ll never now know the numbers or where you stand.

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Planning & Consultation

Asset tracking process in the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of all the assets

Pre/Post Implementation

Database migration, barcode label tagging and counterchecking them with the asset lists

Training & Maintenance

Training sessions to familiarise new users to extensive features and software updates

Fixed Asset Audit

Periodic stock-taking and audits, reports and reconcile all the physical assets