Bespoke Enterprise Asset Management

Tailoring custom turn-key web solutions for all your tracking needs


Asset Management

Track assets that are on loan out and eventually returned, such as books, files, tools or even IT equipment

Inventory System

Track the inventory of your stocks, spare parts, stationeries, consumables and other fixed assets

Retail Management

Customisable hardware and software that runs both the front counter and back office operations of a business

Process Management

Workflow system that allow user to define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes

At myAsset, we focused on making each little detail perfect. We constantly upgrade our products to improve our service standards to suit our customers’ requirements to achieve business excellence through technology.

We are delighted to share our products, Asset Management System (RFID ready), Inventory System, Retail Management System and Business Process System that have been specially designed for businesses of all sizes.

Manage Your Business Anywhere, Anytime and Easily

myAsset’s systems are a web-based application, built on a Microsoft SQL database to provide high volume, multi-sites application. Companies no longer have to be constrained by connectivity issues at their Local Area Network (LAN). In fact, an organisation can make use of this web-based asset management application to maintain a central database, while allowing access to users from any remote site.