Making Each Little Detail Perfect

A comprehensive asset management system that monitors a company's physical assets across the entire organisation

Pre/Post Implementation

Our system consultants can migrate all databases in their current form to myAsset Asset Management Software so you will be spared the tedious work of data entry and checking. We will tag all the assets with customised barcode label and counter-check them with the asset lists. After the system has been set up, you will receive an updated and detailed report of your company’s assets situation.

At myAsset, we offer premier asset auditing, training and management, and more all via a known and proven service record which emphasizes our “tableside manner” as well as our targeted, technical expertise. But this is a complex menu of the new protocol and it can be difficult to grasp what the process looks like in real time; which is why we provide sterling pre and post service around the actual implementation of our primary collaborative system: myAsset Asset Management Software.

To begin with, when we launch myAsset Asset Management Software within your company, our first goal is the smooth and simple migration of key asset information into myAsset Asset Management Software. During this process which occurs before our initial training sessions, our system consultants migrate all relevant databases in their current form to myAsset Asset Management Software. This spares you time and resources as we implement myAsset without a hitch. This means that the tedious work of data entry and checking is also off of the table. This is completed with the tagging of assets with a customised set of barcode labels – a signature process that marks are organised and methodical approach to your assets’ labelling.

Finally, we counter-check our lists with your data and implement the overall system. Once myAsset Asset Management Software is in place; our post-implementation work begins.

Put simply: we provide detailed, targeted reports of your company’s asset situation. Based on our own lists matched against yours, you will have a clearer understanding of our recommendations and be ensured guidance every step of the way.

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Planning & Consultation

Asset tracking process in the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of all the assets

Pre/Post Implementation

Database migration, barcode label tagging and counterchecking them with the asset lists

Training & Maintenance

Training sessions to familiarise new users to extensive features and software updates

Fixed Asset Audit

Periodic stock-taking and audits, reports and reconcile all the physical assets